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QEYADA Work Readiness Program 2018 “WRP” Closing Ceremony

Funny, Interesting and Meaningful Students’ Talk About Work Readiness Program and How (WRP) Has a great effect on their Career and personality


QEYADA Work Readiness Program 2018 Graduation Ceremony – Hassan Elkahar Talk


QEYADA Work Readiness Program 2018 Graduation Ceremony – Amr Kambal Feedback

QEYADA Work Readiness Program 2018 Graduation Ceremony – Closing Speech

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“WRP” Most Important Questions & Answers

QEYADA Foundation is a non-for profit organization, founded in 2016 and funded by a contribution from Union Group to grant work readiness, vocational training, and academic scholarships for talented and promising Egyptian youth to qualify them to the labor market.

  1. When is the Work Readiness Program application deadline?

The application deadline will be mid of October, and the specific date will be announced on Facebook

  1. What is the selection process?

If your application is relevant to the program requirements, you will conduct an English Exam, then Panel Interviews.

  1. What is the Work Readiness Program duration and when will it start?

The program duration is 7 Months; including the General Track, Career coaching sessions, Technical track and the Corporate Internship. The program will start End of October.

  1. Where will be the training sessions?

The training sessions will be held in the American University in Cairo, Tahrir Campus,

  1. Do you have other branches other than Cairo?

No, however QEYADA foundation will provide accommodation during the training days for outside Cairo participants.

  1. How much is the program fees?

QEYADA foundation is a non-for profit organization and there will not be any enrollment or registration fees to participate in the program.

  1. What is the program requirements, and conditions?
  • Males and Females aged between 20 and 28 years
  • Must be graduates of public universities
  • Egyptian citizens
  • Military service status must be clear for males
  • Minimum University grade good (GPA not less than 3)
  • Passionate and coachable individuals
  • Commitment to the program


  1. What is the training schedule?

The training sessions will be 2-3 times per week, and the exact schedule and timings will be shared later, during the program.

Qeyada “WRP” Selection Phase

Qeyada Foundation work readiness team is currently selecting the first class that will participate in “Work Readiness Program 2017”.

Hurry up and reserve your place, Its totally free as Qeyada aims to educate, develop, and qualify Egyptian youth to the job market to reduce the gap between them and the labor market requirements.