Work Readiness Program

Getting Prepared for Corporate life:

Skilled youth form the building blocks of the Egyptian economy. Although a strong technical background is the focus of the academic and career world, an increasing number of employers’ desire prospective fresh graduates who possess strong “soft” skills and specialized technical competencies. Hence, it is extremely essential for graduates to develop essential soft skills as they enter the workforce, in addition being specialized in certain technical competencies.

Phase 1
Phase 2
Phase 3

Soft skills Training

While your technical skills may get your foot in the door, your people skills are what open most of the doors to come. Your work ethic, your attitude, your communication skills, your emotional intelligence and a whole host of other personal attributes are the soft skills that are crucial for career success.

With these soft skills, you can excel as a leader. Problem-solving, delegating, motivating, and team building is all much easier if you have good soft skills. Knowing how to get along with people – and displaying a positive attitude – are crucial for success.

Objectives of language and soft skills training for candidates:

  • Enhance the participant’s Business English language, email writing, memos, minutes of meetings and others.
  • Increase the employability skills of students along with overall corporate grooming.
  • Provide motivational training along with practical orientation that helps in career visioning and planning.
  • Enhance public speaking & presentation skills
  • Develop interpersonal & time management skills

Career Coaching and Advising

Upon successful completion of Phase One, participants will undergo Career Advising Sessions. During these sessions, participants will be able to sit down with career coaches who will identify each participant’s strengths and areas of development to better instruct them on what future path they should take in terms of the career track. This phase is vital in assessing, based on the participant’s aspirations and skills, where they would fit best in a corporation.

Specialized Training

Upon completion of the above Two phases and based the Career Advising and coaching sessions, participants will have to choose one of the below technical tracks as well as finalizing the graduation project of each the chosen track in order to qualify for a professional certificate in any of the below programs:

  • Professional Certificate in Marketing
  • Professional Certificate in Human Resource
  • Professional Certificate in Supply Chain
  • Professional Certificate in Sales and Business Development
  • Professional Certificate in Finance and Investment


The Youth Work Readiness Program is a tailored program for Egyptian youth aged between 21 to 28 years to find, acquire, and keep an appropriate job as well as to be able to manage transitions to new jobs as needed
  • Males and Females aged between 20 and 26 years
  • Egyptian citizens
  • Graduates of Public/Governmental universities
  • Good command of the English language
  • Must have a financial need
  • Unemployed and actively seeking a job opportunity
  • Passionate and coachable individuals
  • Commitment to the program
  • Military service status must be clear for males